Loneliness in a busy world

Feeling lonely?  But not actually alone? Sometimes being surrounded by people, noise, plans and jobs can be the most isolating and loneliest feeling in the world.  Made even worse by maybe thinking 'I shouldn't feel like this, I have so much going on?'  Therefore, not allowing yourself the right to feel the way you do. Denying our true feelings can feel heavy, heavy because it is like we are hiding them.  When we suppress our feelings, they don't disappear, sadly they can fester and grow bigger. Bigger and uglier than they need to.  Causing us great pain and anxiety.....and this can spiral.  Maybe counselling might help?


Stopping to ask yourself, why do I feel lonely? What is it about my life or my people that makes me feel like this? The answers may not jump out straight away, but with some time to reflect and some honest self reflection the answers may come.


Being honest with yourself takes bravery and vulnerability.  It is not necessarily going to be easy.  Asking yourself truthfully why you feel lonely, what it is that missing from your life, what is it that you need to feel more fulfilled and less lonely.   And then following that process with .......'what can I do to make changes?' 'What is in my power to change?' Some things are not in our power, but oh goodness so much is!  Recognising what we need is the first part, acknowledging our own needs is a basic way of self care surely?


So if you are reading this and experiencing loneliness in a busy world, take some time to consider why.  Of course visiting a counsellor can help you with this process, but some mindfulness  done independently can also help to begin to unravel what you need and want.  Figuring out what is serving you and what is no longer serving you is your key.

Friends and family are there for us if we are fortunate enough to have super people around us and talking about our feelings will get them out of our head.


Be true to you.