What is Person Centred Counselling?

There are many different types of counselling available and it can get a bit confusing. I offer a PERSON CENTRED approach as my modality. This means:

  • The client is at the centre of the therapy (you are in charge)
  • Accepts you for who are you without judgement
  • I take into account your life experience and background
  • The client is met by me at whatever point they are in life
  • It is non directive, I will not tell you how you should feel
  • I will walk alongside you as we work together to unravel complex emotions
  • I will gently question, challenge and reflect in sessions what I am hearing

Person Centred Counselling offers the power of change to the client; the modality believes that each and every individual has the capacity to reach their own potential. It can be incredibly empowering.

I will meet with you first, before any therapy actually starts, in my counselling office in Wellingborough and can answer any questions you may have before you commit to any counselling sessions. Please call if you would like to know about how counselling works!